Chintakayala Ayyanna Patrudu ArrestJagan Mohan Reddy finally achieved the target. He sent Ayyannapathrudu, the biggest critic of TDP to jail.

AP CID police arrested him in the early hours of today. Ayyanna has been accused of submitting forged documents in the case of house wall demolition.

He is the first accused in this case, His elder son, Vijay is the second accused, and his second son, Rajesh is the third accused. Against this background, police surrounded his house in Narsipatnam on Thursday morning.

They jumped the wall and entered the house at 3 AM. After that Ayyanna was served notices and arrested. His son Chintakayala Rajesh was also detained by the police.

The CID police have registered cases against Ayyanna under various non-bailable sections. Police said Ayyanna will be produced in Eluru court.

Ayyanna’s wife revealed how the police did not even allow him to change clothes or wear chappals and took him by pushing him outside. “It is entirely the responsibility of the government if anything happens to him,” she said.

This is the treatment to a former minister (five times), six times MLA, and one-time MP.

It has been a common practice in this government to file cases on the most vocal opposition leaders. The arrests are timed in such a way public attention is diverted when the Government is in defense.

TDP cadres across the state are protesting against the arrest. A house motion petition has been filed in the High Court and the court will hear the case today.