YS jagan -CS LV SubramanyamThe unceremonious exit of LV Subrahmaniam from the post of Chief Secretary had opened the Pandora box about the administration in Andhra Pradesh. The official who got a show-cause notice from LVS himself gave the Transfer orders of LV Subrahmaniam which indicates the Chief Minister has given him the worst possible treatment.

However, rumors are rife that if it is only about the Chief Minister offended with LV serving notices to his own peshi staff. Political circles are abuzz with the news that the Christian lobby is upset with LV trying to push other-religion people from Tirumala. There are rumors in AP Government that the Chief Minister is upset with these unilateral decisions of the CS which made his own community restless.

Hours after LV Subrahmaniam’s shunting out, there are reports that TTD EO will be changed. With these events, there are doubts all over if LV Subrahmaniam’s shunting out is anything related to the affairs of TTD. LV is transferred as the Director-General of AP HRD which is considered an insignificant post.

Speculations are rife that Neelam Sahani will be appointed as the Chief Secretary after she met CM for lunch on Monday, hours before the GO of LV Subrahmaniam’s shunting out came. It is known to our readers that LV was controversially para dropped as the CS during the elections and later Jagan continued him.