Chittoor Mayor's relative involved in the murderReports are emerging that Katari Mohan’s brother-in-law, Chandrasekhar may be involved in the murder that happened on Mayor Anuradha and her husband Mohan this afternoon. It is emerging that Chandrasekhar and Mohan’s relations foiled very recently after Mohan refused to give some money to him.

They say a humiliated Chandrasekhar with the help of some others conspired for Mohan’s murder with a Point 32 gun purchased in Anantapur. While the plan is to eliminate Mohan, Anuradha who tried to save her husband took the bullets and got herself killed on the spot.

Mohan is battling life in the hospital now. Police are however not ratifying this version and are looking in to the case in all possible angles. Two persons have surrendered in the local police and one in the court after the incident.