chittor mayor anuradha and her husband attackedChittor Mayor Katari Anuradha and her husband, Mohan was attacked by unidentified man this afternoon in Municipal office itself. Anuradha was spot dead while Mohan is battling for his life in the hospital. The murder attempt shows that it is a well planned conspiracy. Sources say they have private security who were missing today.

Five men participated in the attack and two of them were clad in burkha so that no one would doubt them. They also time they attack in a way that it happened while only the husband and wife are alone in the Mayor Chamber. This happened for a very short time indicating that some one helped them with the information.

When the deputy mayor and the other officials in the down stairs got alerted with the gon shots, the miscreants fled away. Interestingly two men got surrendered after the incident. There is a rivalry between former MLA CK Babu and Anuradha family. Mohan was attacked couple of times in the past too.