Chittoor Mayor anuradha murdercase being divertedThe relative involvement angle come as a huge surprise in Chittoor Mayor Katari Anuradha’s murder. It is said that Mohan’s brother-in-law, Chintu did this crime as Mohan refused to give three Lakhs amount. And out of anger, Chintu sketched this plan to eliminate Mohan and while trying to save her husband, Anuradha took the bullets.

But this total episode sounds fishy. A man who asked for 3 Lakhs, bought the gun and employed six others. Since three of the total six have surrendered immediately after the arrest, they may have got a big amount. Spending several Lakhs for refusing 3 Lakhs do not sound logical.

Why is the case so shallow? Why did only three surrender? Did some one execute the murder plan through Chintu? Is the case being diverted? On the other side, Mohan also gave up battling in the hospital last night