Chiru's politically immature speech in RS draws flak!

Chiranjeevi speaks for the first time in Rajya Sabha after being nominated by Congress Party. His speech went on in English and is diplomatic. He started saying that it is tough for him to oppose party’s decision despite being a Congress man. He tried to delegate the blame of bifurcation to all parties TDP,BJP,YSR Congress etc and asked not to blame Congress alone. He just requested to do justice for Seema Andhra people. Entire Rajya Sabha calmed down while Chiranjeevi is delivering his speech.

Chiranjeevi’s speech went on like a typical politician defending his own party and blaming other parties. He spoke more about politics than about the demands of his region. Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Kurien later asked Chiranjeevi not to take names of people not in the house (CBN). Chiranjeevi also voiced his usual demand of making Hyderabad a Union Territory. Earlier, Venakaiah Naidu also delivered his speech amid the ruckus in Rajya Sabha. He made it clear that BJP is favour in formation of Telangana but are committed to justice for Seema Andhra.