Chiranjeevi's Kokapet Lands in Hot DiscussionFor the unversed, Kokapet is one of the fastest developing areas in Hyderabad. An acre of land here can cost in the range of Rs 30 crores. Now, let’s see what is the story behind Megastar Chiranjeevi and the said Kokapet lands.

Speaking at a public event today, Chiranjeevi spoke about how his wife, Surekha persuaded him to gift two acres of land in Kokapet area to his sisters.

“Back in the day, we acquired some land in Kokapet. Now, Kokapet has emerged as one of the fast developing areas in the city. The land value has increased multifold and an acre can cost in crores. Recently, Surekha and I discussed about the Kokapet land that we own and she suggested me to gift the same to my two sisters.” Chiru said.

Adding further, Chiru said Surekha saw to it that he gifted the two acres of land in Kokapet that he owns. He commended Surekha for her goodwill.

Well, at a time when two acres of land is valued at over Rs 60 crores, not many people will have the heart to gift it someone else. But Chiru has done the same and this has become a hot discussion in Telugu circles.