Chiranjeevi's BJP Joining Will Make Kapu Vote Irrelevant?From the last couple of days, there are reports that Megastar Chiranjeevi may join BJP very soon and begin a fresh political inning. BJP is offering him Rajya Sabha tenure in lieu of this. However, if that happens, it will bring a divide into Kapu Community and Mega Fans as Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena aligned itself against BJP.

After Praja Rajyam debacle, Chiranjeevi merged the party into Congress. Chiranjeevi was the campaign in-charge of Congress in 2014 elections but the party drew a blank due to the Bifurcation effect. Chiranjeevi slowly distanced himself from the party and politics thereafter and completely stayed away after his Rajya Sabha term expired.

He is fully concentrating on films since then. However, Kapu leaders are not happy with the brothers being in different parties as it will divide the community votes and make them relevant. So, they want the brothers to sail together in whichever party they are.

BJP has just managed 0.84% Vote Share in the recent elections. Not a single candidate from the party in Andhra Pradesh managed to get his deposit back in the election. The party is keen on making amends to the failure and become a formidable force by 2024 elections.