Union Minister and Congress’ Seema Andhra Poll Campaign Incharge Chiranjeevi vowed to save Congress Party in the region. After a meeting with the leaders in Poll campaign committee, Chiranjeevi announced that he and AP PCC President Raghuveera Reddy will be touring the region to cheer up the spirits of Congress cadre and explain people about Congress not being the culprit in state bifurcation.

Speaking to press, Chiranjeevi said, “Opposition parties succeeded to some extent on making Congress a villain in bifurcation issue. I will explain the people how other parties compelled Congress to grant the separate state”. He also added that Seema Andhra has got excellent package due to Sonia Gandhi’s generosity and will be explaining the package details to people.

Chiranjeevi will face an uphill task steering Congress Party back to power for the third time. He will not only face the opposition parties but also his own brother who recently floated Jana Sena Party with a slogan ‘Congress Hatao – Desh Bachao’. His fight comes at the time when Political Analysts predict the lowest tally for Congress in Seema Andhra region since its inception. Lets see how Chiranjeevi handles this!