Chiranjeevi-supreme-courtFormer Tourism Minister and Rajya Sabha MP, Chiranjeevi who is refusing to vacate his Type-VIII bungalows now may face the ire of the Supreme Court. The apex court was serious on the Center for allowing politicians and others to over stay in these sprawling houses which are intended to be allotted to ministers and important top bureaucrats as well as senior political leaders who have been members of Parliament for long periods.

From the Telugu States, Chiranjeevi and K Chandra Sekhar Rao featured in the list submitted to the Supreme Court. The problem is there for a long time, now the apex court is expected to make some serious comments as well as guidelines to be followed by the Center in dealing with them.

It is known that Chiranjeevi few days ago clarified that he did not vacate the bungalow as the government failed to give him ‘satisfactory’ accommodation at some other place which ought to be given for the sitting Rajya Sabha MPs. However Chiranjeevi’s argument may not withstand since the constitution only provides the privilege of accommodation and does not define the satisfactory accommodation.