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Chiru Responds on Jana Sena Flag Issue

Chiranjeevi Responds on Jana Sena Flag ControversyPawan Kalyan fans hungama at ‘Khaidi No. 150’ has gone viral on social media and obviously people are talking about it. When asked the same in a recent interview, Chiranjeevi gave his side of the story.

The megastar clarified that he just asked the flag to be taken down as it was coming in the way of cameras and covering his face. It was media which made it very big and escalated the matter opined Chiranjeevi on his warning to those who waved Jana Sena flags.

On Pawan Kalyan’s absence, Chiranjeevi quoted Pawan’s busy schedule in Hyderabad the reason for not attending the event. Politically, he is going to stay with Congress Party and go for elections in 2019. Hence, he may not join Jana Sena anytime soon as he still has confidence in Congress Party.