Chiranjeevi Pulling Down Pawan Kalyan Once Again!Chiranjeevi and his cordial relationship with YSR Congress leadership have been always a thorn in the flesh of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena.

While Pawan Kalyan aligned himself opposite Jagan, Chiranjeevi hobnobbing with the Chief Minister pulled him politically backward every single time.

Pawan Kalyan recently embarked on a Yatra to give financial assistance to the families of Tenant farmers who have committed suicide.

Pawan Kalyan donated 5 Crore to the Janasena party to be used for this purpose. Unlike his usual style, he is also trying to make more time for the party.

The party looked like moving in the right direction. But right at that time, reports are that Chiranjeevi is going to invite Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister for the Acharya Pre-release event.

We for sure know Chiranjeevi will praise the Chief Minister sky high like always.

This is to ensure the complete co-operation of the Andhra Pradesh government for Acharya.

But then, it will trouble Pawan Kalyan big time. It will divert the public’s attention from Janasena.

We have seen Chiranjeevi become a mute spectator when Jagan harrassed Vakeel Saab and Bheemla Nayak.

Janasainiks could not digest the fact that his own brother is doing this to Pawan Kalyan.