Roja-Selvamani-ChiranjeeviEarlier in April this year, Roja met Megastar Chiranjeevi at his residence in Hyderabad along with her family after becoming the Minister. She sought the blessings of the Megastar.

Chiranjeevi very warmly received her and spent quality time with her family. This came as a surprise because Roja was a bitter critique of the Mega family ever since she was in TDP.

Mega fans back then were hurt by Chiranjeevi’s Athi Manchithanam but that is Chiranjeevi who is a perfect synonym of Bholaa Shankar.

Roja continued to fight against Pawan Kalyan. That’s okay because she is on the opposite side politically. But she is at it once again.

The other day while criticizing Pawan Kalyan, she used the harshest words in describing how people rejected the Mega brothers.

She narrated with a vengeance how Pawan Kalyan’s brothers were bitterly defeated by the people of their native place.

Roja could have confined only to Pawan Kalyan and Nagababu who are in Janasena right now. There is no reason to drag Chiranjeevi who is away from active politics. Further, he is giving due respect to Jagan even though his brother is on the other side.

Chiranjeevi’s kindness did not change Roja a bit. It’s like Chiranjeevi is proven wrong and Mega fans are right about Roja.