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Chiranjeevi Looking at TDP?

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha tenure will end in March 2018. His old Praja Rajyam friends who are now in TDP and Congress have already started wooing him with the promise of a renomination. There is no chance of renomination for Chiranjeevi through Congress as the party has no MLAs here.

Given that the party’s bad position across the country, he is unlikely to get nominated from other states as well. Ghanta Srinivasa Rao from TDP and East Godavari YSR Congress President, Kanna Babu are in action to woo him into their parties.

Being an icon from the Kapu community, Chiranjeevi will bring value addition to the parties with his film fans and caste supporters. If at all the Megastar decides to change his loyalty for the renomination, TDP will be a safe bet. TDP will be a safe bet because YSR Congress has good chances of losing the sole Rajya Sabha seat it is entitled to get due to the ruling party’s Operation Akarsha.

A minimum of 44 MLAs needs to support for electing one Rajya Sabha member. YSR Congress is effectively 46 MLAs after 21 MLAs have defected from the Party. TDP is already in talks with Six YSR Congress MLAs to shift their loyalties.