Chiranjeevi Led To The Arrest Of A TDP Leader?The other day, TDP MLC Ashok Babu was arrested. He was picked up at midnight and TDP says it is a simple case and dies not warrant midnight case. A court in Vijayawada has granted bail for him. Meanwhile, TDP leaders term this arrest of Ashok Babu as a diversion tactics of CM Jagan.

“Jagan tries to bring one controversy or the other to divert the attention of the public whenever his government is in trouble. Jagan ill-treating Chiranjeevi has become a Talking Point across the state. To divert the public attention, Ashok Babu has been arrested in a baseless case,” TDP leaders say.

“Jagan may have tried to get Kapu community on his side by showing that Chiranjeevi is with him but everything happened in reverse. The Chief Minister’s body language when Chiranjeevi is pleading has been objectionable,” a political analyst sees the scenario.

On the other hand, Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is going to Ashok Babu’s house later today to lend support for the family.