Chiranjeevi Expecting Some Favours from Govt in Vizag?In what can be termed as very embarrassing for Janasena President Pawan Kalyan, His Brother and Former Union Minister, Chiranjeevi endorsed the idea of Three Capitals of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government. He endorsed the idea in the name of Decentralisation and added that building Amaravati with One Lakh Crore makes no sense to the remaining districts.

This came as a shock to Janasena Party and YSR Congress is trying to use this endorsement as Universal Acceptance to their Three Capitals Idea. However, this Press Release of Chiranjeevi is not going well with the Opposition. BJP Yuva Morcha AP President, Ramesh Naidu came up with strong criticism over Chiranjeevi’s opinion.

Chiranjeevi who does not even have his vote in Andhra Pradesh is endorsing the Three-Capitals idea. He is expecting some favors from the Government in Vishakapatnam and so is supporting Jagan,” Ramesh Naidu. He also alleged Insider Trading in Vizag by YSR Congress Leaders.

There are rumors in the Social Media that the Jagan Government has agreed to give some lands in Vizag for a film studio of Chiranjeevi. However, Government sources say that as of now, there is no such proposal of Film Studio in Vizag from any party.