Chiranjeevi dig his own political graveMegastar Chiranjeevi left films in his prime and entered politics way back in 2008. From the ambition of being the Chief Minister of the state in months after forming the party, he slid down to the position of leading Congress to Zero seats in the last elections. All the respect he earned in films was lot and he was looked down now as loser.

But all this is his own mistake says veteran politician Harirama Jogaiah who was one of the first members in Prajarajyam Party when floated. He revealed how people saw Prajarajyam as a Kapu party and how all the other castes moved away from the party. He also clarified that Chiranjeevi collected money from the contestants and pocketed that money with out even spending it in the reserved seats.

He did not even spend money in his own seat which lost him the Palakollu seat. Losing the seat in his own district almost sealed Chiranjeevi’s fate in politics. Finally he had to merge the party in to Congress and later lead the party to Zero seats in the position of Chief Election Campaigner.