Chintu himself fired Mayor Couple kataru anuradha katari mohanIn a major twist to the case of Chittoor Mayor Couple, Police have arrived at a conclusion, Katari Mohan’s nephew Chintu not only commissioned a team for the murder plot but also himself participated in the murder attempt.

Police already have three in their custody and it is emerging that Chintu was alo part of the gang who attacked the couple in the corporation office. Chintu along with the other man, Venkatesh is currently on a run. Chintu is a well educated man and is right hand of Katari Mohan until couple of years.

Sources say Chintu could not digest the fact his uncle is keeping him aside to be away from faction and get involved in politics. Also Katari Mohan also tightened finances to Chintu which provoked him to the cold blooded murder. Police are also investigating in the direction if some one used Chintu to eliminate Mohan.