Chief Minister YS Button Mohan ReddyChief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had attended a workshop of the MLAs regarding Gadapa Gadapaku program the other day at CM Camp office.

He expressed his displeasure about the MLAs and some Ministers not taking the program seriously. He clarified that those who do not improve their image with the program will not get tickets.

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During his speech, Jagan stressed on the importance of freebies and the MLAs being active in their constituencies as needed to come to power in 2024.

He referred to the freebies as ‘Button Nokkadam’ and delivered a long speech about that ‘Button Nokkadam’.

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While the reference itself sounds funny, the Chief Minister almost clearly said that he does not know anything except ‘Button Nokkadam’.

A young Chief Minister who was supposed to be aspiring for investments, jobs creation, infrastructure development, better quality of life, etc. But then, Jagan had confined only to taking loans and distributing them via ‘Button Nokkadam’.

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Tragedy is that he has no qualms to flaunt it in live media. Social media is trolling Jagan and YSR Congress supporters for this and is calling the Chief Minister as YS Button Mohan Reddy.