Pawan-Kalyan-fires-on-YSRCP-JanaSena supremo Pawan Kalyan had been coming down heavily on the YS Jagan led YCP government and this time around, he has breathed fire on the YCP leaders and top brass.

YCP often terms Pawan Kalyan as package star. Pawan has now made a very strong statement in this context.

“These YCP morons call me Package star. This is my reply to them. The next time you call me a package starrer, I will hit you black and blue with my slipper. I’ll beat till your teeth fall off. The slipper snaps will knock the hell out of you” Pawan said.

Pawan even showed his slipper to instate his statement. He was really aggressive while speaking about the same. His energy left the auditorium ecstatic as JanaSena troops were wildly turned on by the same.

Pawan went on to say that he did 6 films in the last 8 years and he made Rs 100-120 crores from the same and paid Rs 33.37 crores in taxes.

About the three marriages comment, Pawan said “I took divorces and married. Unlike you, who marry one person and maintain illicit relationships with 30 people.”

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