Chennai Female Doctor CCTV, Chennai Female Doctor Kills Father CCTV Video, Chennai Female Doctor Kills Father Hospital CCTV VideoDoctor Jayasudha Manoharan, a Tamil Nadu resident, has been charged with an attempt to murder charge when she attempted to kill her hospitalized 82-year-old father. She disconnected some of the pipes which delivered life-sustaining medicines to him via the neck after sneakily getting his thumbprint on a legal set of papers.

Her father Rajagopal, who was suffering from some heart disease for which he was receiving treatment at the time of the incident, somehow survived the attempted murder with the entire incident being captured on CC cameras. Initially, the charges were for extortion and criminal trespassing but after seeing the CCTV footage it was changed into an attempt to murder.

His son, Dr R Jayaprakash, had filed the complaints and even stated that the incident, which happened in September 2015, led to Rajagopal’s deteriorating health conditions and eventually killed him two months later. Watch the shocking video footage below;