Chandrababu Naidu TDPThe Voting for Municipal Elections in Kuppam are happening today. Since it is Chandrababu Naidu’s own constituency, Ruling YSR Congress is trying to win it by hook or crook and unsettle Telugu Desam Party. Chandrababu also rose up to the challenge and has motivated the party’s rank and file big time.

Even on the day of the election, Naidu is flying down and will stay in the Ground Zero in the wake of apprehensions in the cadre about possible arson by the Ruling Party and Fake Voters. Naidu’s presence will obviously boost the confidence of the party cadre and leaders.

Even though the Ruling Party may take it an opportunity to taunt Chandrababu, rejuvenating the cadre during the Elections happening while in the Opposition is extremely important. Similar enthusiasm by Chandrababu and Lokesh in all the upcoming elections will do a lot of good to TDP.

This is how elections are to be fought in the Opposition especially when the Ruling Parties are going to any extent to win the election. Meanwhile, it had to be seen if Kuppam voters standby Naidu. It is quite natural for voters to try and be in the good books of the Ruling Party in By-elections and local elections especially when the Assembly Elections are three years away.