Chandralekha Bullet Shot Head Video, Chandralekha Tv Serial Bullet Shot Head Video, Chandralekha Serial Viral Video, Chandralekha Tamil Serial Viral VideoIndian serials and daily soaps are definitely not known for their logic or even credibility but sometimes it gets so far out of the bounds of reality, it leaves viewers shocked. Such is the case of a two-minute video from Tamil daily soap Chandralekha which has gone viral.

The video shows a woman getting shot right in the centre of her forehead despite which she takes her own sweet time to die. In fact in the time between getting shot and dying, she even manages to ask her husband to bring back the gajra she was wearing and goes on to lie in his lap. What is amusing is that the husband appears to be in more pain than the shot woman.

The unbelievable video is attracting laughs all across India and has gathered over 2.5 million views.