Chandrababu-srinivas-gargeyaSrinivasa Gargeya, the Pandit who set muhurtham for Chandrababu Naidu’s swearing-in ceremony, came out open and found fault with the muhurtham set for Andhra Pradesh Capital’s Bhoomi Puja. He clarified that Muhurthams set in 40 days before Godavari Pushkaralu will not yield good results.

He advised the government to set the muhurtham 70 days after Pushkaralu. He added that June 6th is not at all a favourable day given the position of Vaastu God. He even threatened of dire consequences if they go on with this muhurtham.

Srinivasa Gargeya clarified that he was not consulted for the Capital Bhoomi Puja muhurtham. It is known that the government had ratified the muhurtham on June 6th at 8.49 AM. We will have to see if this government will rethink on this muhurtham especially after remarks from CBN’s trusted Pandit.