Chandrababu's hesitation costing the state big money!Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in his entire career is criticized as a very slow decision maker. He some how picked up the bad habit of killing time over the major decisions which backfires at time. The same is the case with the delay in the deciding the liquor policy for the state.

Usually liquor sales should go up in Summer but they are on a decline this year despite high temperatures. It is learnt that one of the major reasons is that the Licence holders are cautious on investing over liquor stocks as the State government is contemplating stopping the private licence business and go for its own retail outlets.

They say many districts have reported 20-30% drop in the sales as the wine shop owners are not coming forward to invest money as the State government is still not clear about its policy. The current license of the wine shops in the state will be expiring this month-end.