TDP-Chandrababu NaiduOne very interesting phenomenon in Telugu politics is that politicians do blame ‘Chandrababu Naidu’ for everything that happens under the sun. We see YSR Congress which won with a brutal majority in the 2019 elections blaming Chandrababu for everything that happens against their government in courts.

They allege that Chandrababu is managing systems. Chandrababu’s name has last appeared in Telangana politics during the 2018 elections. But he is back again now when he lost power in Andhra Pradesh as well. Congress Senior Leader Komatireddy Venkat Reddy accuses Chandrababu of getting Revanth Reddy the PCC President post. He accused Telangana Congress of becoming TDP Congress.

And then, BJP Senior Leader Mothkupalli Narasimhulu, the other day, defied the party’s rule and attended CM’s Dalit Empowerment All-Party. He heaped praises on the Chief Minister indicating that he may join TRS very soon. BJP supporters are now alleging that Chandrababu sends his trusted lieutenant from BJP to TRS.

Incidentally, no other leader had badmouthed Chandrababu so much in recent years like Mothkupalli while exiting the party. He gave several interviews against Chandrababu giving fodder for the opposition and Sakshi media back then. But still, it is Chandrababu who is sending him from BJP to TRS. TDP is not in power in Telangana since 2004 i.e., seventeen years. It is a surprise if Chandrababu can call shots.