Chandrababu & Pawan Kalyan Come Up With A Roadmap for 2024?A lot is being written and talked about Janasena coming back to TDP’s fold in Andhra Pradesh. Several TDP leaders are giving the same indication but Pawan Kalyan is tight-lipped. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan has also in-principle agreed to the alliance.

Before announcing the alliance, the challenge is to bring the cadres of both parties together and make them work towards defeating a common enemy. Buzz is that TDP is planning a platform called ‘Save Andhra’ and will bring all like-minded parties under it.

These parties will work towards defeating YSR Congress. ‘Save Andhra’ is something on the lines of Kodandaram’s Telangana JAC The alliances and everything will be decided only by the time of elections. The working experience of ‘Save Andhra’ will ensure better coordination between the cadres of TDP and Janasena.

But then, if this happens, it will be interesting to see if BJP will join the initiative.