Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who is rolling out several caste-based corporations for the welfare of those sections seems to have changed his mind. The Chief Minister is Contemplating the cancellation of those corporations and bring them all under a Single Corporation.

The Corporation is ‘Economically Backward Corporation’ which will address the needs of the economically backward sections of the society. The corporation will also help the needy in Upper Castes. It has to be seen if this idea materializes before 2019 elections.

Regarding the Reservations, Naidu can not forgo the existing reservations due to several problems but is contemplating a new Reservation Class which will give reservation to the poor and needy of all the upper castes.

Naidu is mulling the idea as a remedy for Kapu Reservations and several such demands from other Upper Castes. These two will be radical reforms if Naidu really implements them. It has to be seen if he does them in this term or chooses to take up if he gets another term.