Capital farmers, Capital farmers Amaravati, Capital farmers CRDA,Capital farmers Andhra Pradesh, Capital farmers Chandrababu, Capital farmers PlotsCRDA had come up with perfect streamlined process for the allotment of plots to the Capital farmers. The exercise began with Nelapadu the other day and the entire process was just perfect and won accolades from the farmers. In Nelapadu, farmers have given 1300.9225 acres of land to the government and have got developed plots of 328.28 acres as their share.

The entire process happened through Computerized Random Lottery. When CM Chandrababu Naidu trigged the lottery, the allocation just took 5-6 minutes. SMS messages have gone directly to farmers’ mobile numbers about their plots details and their locations. CRDA had printed provisional certificates about the allotment there itself and were given to the farmers.

The plots will be handed over to the farmers in the next three weeks and the government will lay roads to those plots in the next three months. The farmers are in all praises for the effective and efficient lottery system. The Chief Minister also commended officials of IT department and CRDA for using the system which is first of its kind in the country.