Chandrababu_naiduFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is in Delhi tour to complain about the arson on TDP Offices across the state. He already met President of India and is now trying to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to complain.

There have been discussions in Andhra Pradesh if or not Modi and Shah will give an appointment. YSR Congress wish and say they would not give the appointment due to the bad blood between both sides before and during the 2019 elections.

But then, Chandrababu will be better off either way. If the appointment will be given, it will trouble YSR Congress with apprehensions of a possible alliance between TDP and BJP. They will also not like the law and order issue going to the notice of the Central Leadership.

If Chandrababu will not get the appointment, it will be a political embarrassment for the Senior leader. But then, it will be a chance for TDP to showcase that BJP and YSR Congress are hobnobbing with each other and the Central Government would not even care for such a serious law and order issue. Either ways, it is win-win for the TDP Supremo.