Chandrababu-Naidu-YS-Jagan-TirupatiEarlier today, Chandrababu Naidu shared a tweet on the YCP replacing images of Hindu gods in Tirupati with YCP party colours. He shared a related image as well.

YCP troops were quick to respond as they shared a video tweet of the walls of Tirupati with images of Hindu gods, as they claimed Chandrababu stooped to a new low by sharing fake tweets. They said Naidu shared a morphed image and his tweet is a fake one.

But even before YCP could celebrate this response to Naidu’s tweet and rub the fake tweet calls, there was a swift response from TDP troops on social media.

The video tweet shared by YCP is a manipulative one. They’ve shared the video of just 10 meters of the walls with images of Hindu gods and goddesses while in reality the vast majority of these images spread across several kilometres have been erased and replaced with YCP colours. Why does Jagan have so much hatred towards Hindu community.

In response to YCP’s video, TDP have shared a more informative video with a clear image of the erased paintings on the walls.

While YCP was too early to celebrate the fake tweet propaganda, they’re now left hanging as they are served a detailed proof of the misdeed. Also, Jagan is now in the firing line over the over usage of YCP flexis in Tirupati today as the YCP chief is visiting the city. “Does Jagan think this is a party plenary? Why are there so many flexis of him in the temple city?” Netizens ask.