Chandrababu Upset With Balayya? How Silly?The NTR University name change has been one of the most talked about topics in the Telugu political circles. The YCP government has started to pull all the tricks in book after sensing the negativity around the name change.

Now, the have started to publicize that Balakrishna’s press release on the NTR University name change has triggered non-Kamma Telugu community and Chandrababu is unhappy with the same.

Well, many people openly spoke about the name change issue but the YCP troops are entirely focused on Balakrishna. This pretty much confirms that Balayya’s statement has hit the right chord and it pinched YCP in the right place.

Now, in a bid to cover up, the Jagan led party appears to be planting fake rumors that CBN is upset with Balayya. The argument that non-Kamma people are offended by Balayya’s comment is a blatant attempt to project NTR as a purely Kamma personality.

YCP is having to go for strange and unusual tactics to divert the attention from the name change controversy. In the process, their attempts are turning out to be a laughing stock.