Chandrababu Naidu To Try New Things in Politics!Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu is one of the Senior Most Politician in the country and is often known for his conventional style of Politics. But then, Naidu seems to be changing with the changing times.

The other day, Naidu has used his Junior Most MPs in the Parliament during the No Confidence Motion. Kesineni Nani who put up the motion is a first timer and Galla Jayadev who started the debate is also elected for the first time.

Ram Mohan Naidu who set the house on fire with fluent Hindi is also a first time and these choices have come as a surprise to everyone. Naidu is keen on grooming young leaders further in politics to offer freshness to the voters.

Some of the seniors of the party are going to retire and their scions will be brought for the elections next time. They are already in the public sphere and are being trained on the issues and administration.Naidu seems to be Trying New Things in Politics despite being from the Old School.