Chandrababu-Naidu political Strategist TDP PartyJanasena Party has appointed a Person named Dev as the Political Strategist of the party to help it in the upcoming General Elections. He will be formulating the party’s campaign strategy and as well as help the party finalize the right candidates for the elections.

YSR Congress has already appointed the famous Strategist Prashant Kishor for the same purpose and his team is already at work. They almost took over Jagan’s Back Office in the party and are micromanaging the party affairs and the Padayatra.

On the other side, Sources in the Telugu Desam Party have confirmed that the party will not have any Political Strategist and will be totally relying on the experience of TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu for the same purpose.

“TDP has a strong ground network. All this strategy making and candidates selections, we are doing it from decades. We do not rely on outsiders for this work. All our strategies are proven and time-tested. Only parties with Zero Ground Network has to rely on them,” a senior TDP leader told.