Nayeem Gangster Case TDP TS MLA R Krishnaiah Involvement TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu hurriedly announced BC Associations President, R Krishnaiah as the party’s Chief Minister Candidate in Telangana before the last elections. This is a bid to attract the majority BC voters in Telangana even though Krishnaiah has just joined the party. Obviously, it did not work.

After the elections, Krishnaiah never mingled with the party and is working independently. He is even troubling Naidu with the ongoing BC Kapu tussle. Media also never recognized Krishnaiah as TDP MLA for the above said reasons. But all of sudden, there are allegations of Krishnaiah’s involvement in Nayeem’s misdeeds back then.

Narsingi Police has issued notices to Krishnaiah and are questioning about his involvement with Nayeem in various land settlements. Suddenly, the media particularly the media which supports the opposition recognized Krishnaiah as TDP (TS) MLA and are busy tainting the party. One thoughtless decision becomes a mess for Naidu now.