Chandrababu Naidu Thinks That As His Secret of Success in 2019?A recent survey commissioned by a National Media has revealed that the Approval Ratings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government is least in Andhra Pradesh next only to Tamil Nadu in all the states across the country.

Even though the survey says 62% of the people in Andhra Pradesh are dissatisfied with the Central Government, The State Government intelligence says it is even more. It is due to a combination of factors like Cash Crunch due to Demonetization and Broken Promises to AP.

Naidu seems to have realized that and has increased his attack on the BJP high command. The Opposition like YSR Congress and Janasena has raked the Special Status issue and increased the sentiment in the people but for some reason, both the parties are going soft on the Union Government now.

Naidu is of the opinion that attacking BJP and at the same time exposing both these parties and their secret nexus with BJP will easily get him a Second Term. This also looks working and its high time both YSR Congress and Janasena realize that and ensure corrective measures.