Chandrababu Naidu Testing Waters on Alliance with Congress?The rumours about a possible alliance between the Telugu Desam Party and Congress are rife in the Political and Media Circles. TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu is silent in his own style as always without confirming or condemning those rumours.

The other day, Ministers – KE Krishnamurthy and Ayyanna Pathrudu made severe comments against any such move and predicted doom for Telugu Desam Party if that happens. Naidu asked them to calm down and not to make unnecessary comments in the media.

Even then, the party did not condemn the news. Political Experts say this is Naidu’s style of Testing Waters. He would give leaks about any issue and let the possible views are let out to the people and then the TDP Supremo would guage the reactions to come to a conclusion.