Chandrababu-Naidu-NDA-Telugu Desam Party had decided to extend its support to NDA’s candidate, Draupadi Murmu in the Presidential elections.

TDP has announced it via a Press Note signed by Chandrababu Naidu.

TDP has a very nominal presence in the Parliament due to the 2019 defeat. BJP had attained the majority due to YSR Congress’s support and so did not ask for TDP’s support.

TDP should have let go of the election. It could have remained neutral or even abstain from voting since BJP or UPA did not seek its support.

But the party itself volunteered to support NDA’s candidate sending a signal that it is desperate to be in the good books of Narendra Modi.

Forget about the goodwill, this desperation has ensured that TDP became a laughing stock before other parties.

It has also affected the morale of the party supporters.

In politics, friendships do not happen because of goodwill. Parties look for friendship only if there is a political need.

TDP should work on the ground and ensure its need is felt. Unless that happens, nothing will work.

We have seen that happening before the 2014 elections.

Chandrababu should stop these desperate acts and work on that front. Everything will naturally follow.