Kamal-HaasanKamal Hassan emerged into Tamilnadu politics with revolutionary ideas as he argues for a better leadership to hail in his state. And has always seen Chandrababu Naidu as the idol for his leadership and his ways of developing the regions and the actor is quite open about that. Yet again, Kamal speaks of Chandrababu on a national interview going all praises of the progress that he is doing just under their noses.

Asked by the interviewer who would he think to be the choice to be the leader of Mahagathbanandhan (an unlikely alliance of once bitter rivals), though Kamal said that decision is always based on consensus and one person cannot say that he expressed his favoritism towards Naidu saying his preference is Chandrababu Naidu next door for the fantastic progress he is making surpassing Chennai to their envy.

This is not the first time that Kamal Hassan expressed his greatness for Chandrababu for how he is developing the state in glorious ways despite bifurcation struggles. That was quite an impressive gesture of the Ulaganayagan towards the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.