Naidu Shakes The Entire Ecosystem of BJP, Retaliates with Social Media Attacks

Chandrababu Naidu Shakes The Entire Ecosystem of BJP, Retaliates with Social Media AttacksLast two days have put Andhra Pradesh Politics on a Boil. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself descended to Andhra Pradesh and tried to hit the TDP Supremo Below the Belt by making ruthless allegations from the Backstabbing Episode to Corruption. Modi sounded like a Proper TDP hater all his life someone like Jagan.

Naidu also gave it back almost instantly. His Jibe at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Personal Life came as a shock to BJP as they ran like a headless chicken. It was immediately followed by a Dharma Porata Deeksha in Delhi. As many as 32 National Leaders including a leader of BJP ally, Shiv Sena expressed their solidarity to Chandrababu.

Challenging Modi right from the National Capital is something which has come as indigestible for Narendra Modi. BJP unleashed a massive attack on Chandrababu in Social Media. The Attack has been so ferocious that each and every IT Cell Account of BJP and their Sleeper IT Cells were activated to attack Chandrababu.

For an instance, even the Official BJP Twitter Account of Manipur had been tweeting against Chandrababu Naidu which indicates that the TDP Supremo had shaken the entire BJP Ecosystem. BJP favouring National Media also tried to deviate from the issue by conducting debates about an anonymous poster which they said insulted PM Modi’s humble backdrop.

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