Chandrababu Naidu YS JaganFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is a law-abiding and image-conscious person. We would always see him asking cadre and leaders to follow rules.

But for the first time, Naidu broke all the rules and landed in Kuppam. The Police department tried to foil the tour in the name of No Permission.

They arrested the local leaders, Lathi charged the cadre, confiscated the vehicles, dismantled the stage, etc but Chandrababu and the TDP cadre did not budge.

Chandrababu has got a massive welcome on the outskirts of Kuppam despite the Police cordon. The Police did not allow Chandrababu’s convoy to move. The former Chief Minister got in an argument with the DSP and later did Padayatra in the villages as his vehicle is not allowed.

Usually, Chandrababu does not show so much aggression but this time it is different. A vexed Naidu decided to take the bull by its horns. This kind of attitude will charge the cadre as well and that will rejuvenate the party.

It will also motivate the cadre to fight further. The spirit is clearly seen in the Kuppam cadre the other day. The aggression also pushed the Police onto the Backfoot. It has resulted in one full day of media coverage of Chandrababu which will also impact the voters.

Jagan is doing a favor for Chandrababu with this kind of Vendetta Politics.

TDP is on a high with the massive success of Chandrababu’s roadshow. Jagan wants to cut down the momentum by imposing G.O. No.1 restricting Roadshows and Public meetings of Chandrababu. The former CM sensed it and retaliated.

The government is always dominating and people would see the Opposition as an underdog. People naturally are inclined towards Underdog’s fighting spirit. Such things will only change the mood of the election. Jagan is giving a chance to Chandrababu.