chandrababu naidu r krishnaiahCaste equations always play a vital role in politics but taking them very seriously will also become costly sometimes. But it happens to Chandrababu Naidu many times. We have couple of such incidents from last week itself. Naidu made Gundu Sudharani as Rajya Sabha MP when the party is in crisis as she is a BC lady.

She was given preference back them ignoring many seniors in the party and back then it created huge uproar. She now deserted the party when it is in difficult times in Telangana. And another such instance is R.Krishnaiah. To stir sentiment in BCs of Telangana. He was brought to the party in the last minute and made the CM candidate.

He managed to win as LB Nagar MLA with TDP strength but since then is troubling the party. He did not vote to the party candidate in the MLC elections and now is threatening to agitate against Chandrababu’s government in AP over BC welfare related issues. He is even criticizing TDP’s ‘Babu vasthe Job vasthundhi’ slogan. Its high time Chandrababu learns a lesson.