Chandrababu Naidu - Jr NTRA News Report in Pro-YSR Congress Newspaper, Praja Shakthi has become a discussion point on social media. The report said TDP President Chandrababu Naidu has called Junior NTR a few days back and asked him to play an active part in the coming days.

The Report also said that Junior NTR suggested some crucial changes to the party and asked Chandrababu to reign Lokesh whose involvement is being not liked by the party seniors. NTR also his displeasure about the growing influence of Balakrishna on the party as he is promising tickets without the consent of the party leadership.

The Report also added that Lokesh is upset with Chandrababu for doing this. It is interesting to note neither TDP nor NTR fans are really interested or excited about this Report. Only YSR Congress supporters are excited about the differences in TDP and are trying to make this clipping viral.

“If we observe, Chandrababu is giving free hand to Lokesh since 2019. Lokesh is also improving by leaps and bounds. He has almost erased the Pappu tag YSR Congress thrusted on him with social media and Whatsapp campaigns. Reports like this are may be to confuse cadre about Lokesh’s calibre,” a senior leader told us.

The Reports said Chandrababu Naidu called Junior NTR right from a party meeting which seems like a joke. No leader particularly Chandrababu would not do that. NTR is also equally matured not to heap advices and suggestions if Chandrababu calls.

Complaining about Lokesh and even Balakrishna to Chandrababu seems like a poorly cooked joke. Probably, the Newspaper needs a better fiction writer.