chandrababu naidu ignoring ground level politicsOver the past one and half year, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu completely focused on the development of the state. He had unveiled visionary plans for the development of the state and construction of the upcoming capital of the state, Amaravati. But concentrating fully on development, Naidu seem to be ignoring ground level politics. And the price paid for this mistake, he had lost one more family, Katari Family which stood by the party in thick and thin.

TDP had lost its backbone in Rayalaseema when Paritala Ravi was killed when TDP was in opposition. Katari family despite the social calculations stayed with TDP with out joining PRP. They had withstood Congress MLA, CK Babu and his followers’ highhandedness in opposition. Anuradha became Mayor and TDP came to Power. But the other day’s cold blooded murder proved things did not change.

Babu was too engrossed in development plans that he is totally ignoring the protecting and welfare of the cadre. Even in Vizianagaram, several party workers are complaining about harassment by YCP’s senior leaders’s men. But TDP Supremo is finding too little time to help the cadre.