Chandrababu naidu nellore floodsNellore is still in the havoc of floods since November 9, 2015. Besides Nellore, all Rayalaseema districts have witnessed the devastated floods with varying intensity. The large intensity of the floods is due to the fact that severe cloud bursting packets formed and concentrated heavy rains in limited areas.

Since, 1891 Nellore has received 25 cyclones out of total 77 in which 12 are destructive in nature. Because of this reason, farmers sowing their crops in July-August month to reap the benefits but this seasons the southwest monsoon came and went without much pouring thus leaving the southern districts in deficit. Normally, Northeast monsoon shows belligerent impact than Southwest monsoon but the things have been changed due to ocean warming.

CM Chandra Babu Naidu staying in Nellore to oversee the relief of the grief persons and to restore normalcy. CM also written letter to the center seeking 1000crores as part of immediate relief funds out of 3000crores estimated damage.