Naidu Mastering the Art of Land CollectionAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu surprised the country with Pooling of about 33000 acres of land for Amaravati without any ruckus. This is the biggest and most peaceful land collection in the country post the independence. But then the Land Pooling is not possible in all the cases and projects.

But then due to the stringent clauses in the Land Acquisition act, the process is becoming costly and several projects are stalled due to the clauses in this act. Naidu has found a way out of this Land Acquisition mess as well. Instead of going through the stringent processes like Social Impact measurement etc, APIIC will directly become a buyer and talk to the farmers and bargain with them to sell their lands.

Collecting lands this way will also avoid the Opposition parties interference and Legal issues. A committee with Joint Collector, RDO, Tahsildar and concerned official of the particular industry and APIIC officials will be formed to oversee the entire process.

The Prices of the lands will be decided from the Market Prices of lands in the area from the last three years. This will be a win-win situation for farmers as well as the government. This is the best ever way to tackle the land acquisition related issues hampering various projects in Andhra Pradesh as well as other states in the country.