Chandrababu Naidu or Jagan - Who Will Reap Demonetization BenefitDemonetization has given rise to new political calculations. The ruling and opposition have their own calculations about the impact and the political benefit. Demonetization initially backfired on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He took almost Two weeks to comment about it and TDP leaders were successful in convincing the people that Jagan was badly hit.

Even though Jagan realized the damage late, he pressed the YSR Congress forces to villages to attribute the bad implementation after Demonetization to Chandrababu’s account. YSR Congress cadre and leaders at the ground level are taking to the people that it is due to Chandrababu, the old notes were banned and the troubles that followed.

Who will benefit from the Demonetization? is the real question now. As of today, the mood of the nation is that people even though are put in a spot of bother are welcoming the move even as they say the implementation could have been better. If the perception stays, Naidu will benefit from YSR Congress’ Ground level propaganda.

But then that will depend on how long the cash crunch will stay. If the effect refuses to leave after December 30th, Demonetization support may come down and Modi will be in a spot of bother. Chandrababu Naidu may also become a victim of that unless the propaganda is countered effectively. Naidu will review the situation by mid-December. So the loss or gain calculations only then.