Chandrababu Naidu ISBFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had attended the last day of 20 years of ISB celebrations in Hyderabad. It was Naidu who played a very pivotal role in bringing ISB to Hyderabad competing with many states.

The history is forgotten and the Generations have changed. As they say public memory is short and Chandrababu has just lost an election by a huge margin.

But is everything lost? NO!

Chandrababu was received very well and he was shown a tree in the campus. Twenty years ago, Naidu planted a sapling and it has grown in to a huge tree giving shade. The tree very much indicates the ISB and vision of a leader like Naidu.

After twenty years, ISB is in the Top 10 Business schools of the country and had delivered 1000s of Gems for the country.

All those present at the ceremony today are academicians who are no way connected to politics and with zero bias. They do not judge leaders based on electoral victories.

The speakers including the Founding Dean of ISB, Pramath Raj Sinha were all speaking of Naidu’s vision, his efforts to make ISB a reality, and how he is in a different class from the then and now politicians. Some of them were seen saying Naidu is their role model.

Chandrababu today is someone who commands respect only due to his work in the past and the present. No one praise him just to be in his good books because he is in the Opposition.

The laurels of ISB and the reception Naidu has got at the ISB are indications of what a leader can achieve by establishing something monumental and useful for generations to come.

It is definitely not achievable by distributing freebies because such leaders are forgotten after the pocket is empty but something like ISB will stand tall forever telling Generations to come about a leader like Chandrababu Naidu who lived and walked in India.