Chandrababu Naidu Irks JanasainiksFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in an interview with a National Channel talked at length about the various issues in the state and the prevailing political conditions. In the conversation, Naidu mentioned there are only two significant political parties.

“There are other parties as well. But we mainly have only two – the ruling party and the main opposition party,” Naidu said. Janasainiks are fuming at this statement of Naidu. They are firing at him for not acknowledging their presence.

While Janasainiks have all rights to get offended, what Naidu said obviously makes sense. Janasena’s fortunes in Andhra Pradesh today are no different if not worse from the 2019 elections. The party is revolving only around Pawan Kalyan and he is busy with films most of the time. He is only making guest appearances in politics and because of that public is not taking the party seriously.

If this does not change, what Chandrababu said will be apt in the 2024 elections as well.