Chandrababu Insulting Himself in Desperation?

Chandrababu Naidu Insulting Himself in Desperation?TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu, the other day, has written a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah appreciating his proactiveness in including Amaravati on the India Map. This came as a shock for the party supporters as it is very obvious that Chandrababu is sending feelers to the BJP High Command.

TDP supporters who are very active in the Social Media trending anti-government hashtags very often are now completely demoralized. They are being mocked and trolled by the supporters of other political parties. “If at all, TDP has the need and BJP wishes to reciprocate, it should happen behind the scenes. This is clear desperation,” a TDP supporter said.

“In all probability, Amit Shah would not even acknowledge and that is an insult for sure,” he added. “With Jagan Government trying to engulf TDP, there is no other way for Chandrababu except seeking refuge from BJP. But the big question is if he burnt the bridges totally by allying with Congress and making sharp criticism on Modi,” a Political expert said.

“TDP will not gain anything politically in Andhra Pradesh by moving closer to BJP. At best, there is some immunity. Losing some leaders should be fine. We have seen how that did not affect YSR Congress at all in the 2019 elections. TDP should stop picking fights with them and watch the drama from the sidelines. They will definitely go after YSR Congress,” another expert advises for Chandrababu.

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